Melody Maker – Blueprint

Baby steps

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Step by step

Before I even got the idea for the project, I was quite lost with what to do as a project. I began with a brainstorm to generate ideas. To assist with my brainstorm, I know that I wanted to create something that would produce sound which means it would have a speaker. With my love of producing music, the idea to create melodies was applied to the device and thus the project would become some sort of “instrument”. Research came right after and with the help of Anna, my tutor, I found a melody maker that could be created with an Arduino board.

On 14/2 I decided that the Arduino Melody Shaper was what I wanted to do for the project. To be honest I do struggle with electronics however the prospect of playing melodies through something I created will be exciting. Approval came from my tutor after I had sent an email asking if the project was viable.

Plan of action

My knowledge of Arduino is quite lacking so my plan is after submitting the form I will begin doing 1 hour of work based on learning how to use Arduino. The task will be a challenging yet exciting endeavor as I’ve always wanted to do this kind of thing however I never put the time in to learn. Anna, the internet, my peers and the university, it should be an easier task to complete if any help is required.

I am looking forward to recreating famous melodies such as ABC by Jackson 5 on the instrument. Recordings of famous melodies will be uploaded to this blog once the project has been crafted.